7 Best Water Aerobic Exercises

Can’t get to a water aerobics class and you really need to exercise? For many people the pool may be the best place to workout. It’s comfortable and feels so good on the joints. And there’s no hot sweaty gym to deal with! Here are seven movements to ensure you get a balanced workout:
1) Jumping Jacks – Both feet hop apart and together.
2) Jogging – Alternate lifting your thighs while pressing down through each foot.
3) Front Leg Lifts – Alternate lifting straight legs to front, emphasizing
the pulling down action.
4) Kicks – Kick an imaginary ball to the front, back, and side.
5) Hops – Hop on one or both feet to front, back, side. Arms move opposite
to feet.
6) Twisting – Just like the dance. Pick up your feet.
7) Cross Country Ski – Bend front knee while extending other leg straight back
and onto ball of foot. Continue to switch legs. Arms alternate with legs.

Perform movements in mid chest depth water. Keep spine upright and lower abdomen engaged. Warm-up with jogging forward, backward and side stepping. Vary arm movements with pushing and pulling actions. Press through the heels and balls of feet. Avoid working out on the balls of the feet. Do 20 – 45 minutes of the listed exercises. Mix up the movements to sustain your energy and avoid same muscle overuse. Mix stationary with traveling moves. Think forward, backward, sideways, circling. Cool down by slowing down with water walking and stretching.

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