Hand Exercises for Better Living

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Hand Exercises for Better Living

Stop and think how important our hands are in terms of affecting our quality of life. Diminished circulation and arthritis can affect the functionality of the hands. It's amazing that each of our hands has 27 bones and 20 muscles, plus an additional 20 muscles in the wrist. The following exercises will rejuvenate your hands and keep them functioning well. You can do these exercises anywhere in just a few minutes. Pick and choose the ones that work for you!

Creepy Crawlers – A great warm up exercise to do first thing in the morning. You can even do this one lying in bed!
Wiggle all your fingers, including your thumbs, as if you were tickling someone. Change positions of your palms, doing movements with palm up, palm facing side and palm down. This exercise addresses strength, flexibility, and agility in the fingers and hands. Perform for 1 – 2 minutes

Web to Fist – Do this exercise when your hands are tired; after cooking, gardening or any time of handiwork. The stretching will feel so good.
Spread your fingers and open the spaces between them as much as possible. Hold this stretch for several seconds. Sense the s

paces between the fingers. Close all of the fingers into a fist, keeping the thumb on the outside. Reopen the fingers and repeat 15 times. Move your hands freely while changing the direction of the palms. Emphasize the opening vs. closing of the hand.

Prayer Hands – This is a great stretch for the wrist and fingers.
Press palms together in front of chest. Your elbows will extend out to side. Rotate wrists and point finger tips to floor. Keep pressing palms together. Hold for 1 minute.

Self Massage – This stimulates the joints, muscles and fascia of the hand.
Use one hand to massage the other. Massage each finger, between each finger, the top of the hand, the palm and fleshy area under palm. Nice to use a bit of hand cream.

Backward Hands – This is especially good if you spend a lot of time at a computer.
Place your palms on a table. Straighten your arms aligning the wrist under the shoulder joint while keeping the collar bones broad and open. Or come to the floor onto hands and knees with wrists under shoulders. (I prefer this position) Slowly rotate the wrist pointing fingertips back. To modify position fingertips pointing out to side. Hold for 1 minute.
(skip this exercise with arthritis pain or carpal tunnel syndrome)


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