Three Exercises for Healthy Feet

Take a couple of minutes anytime in your day to do these simple barefoot movements. You will feel and walk better. The circulation in your lower extremities will improve immediately. Your ankles, calves and shin muscles will become stronger. And most importantly, you will prevent falls by improving balance, posture, range of motion and stability in the feet & ankles. Perform each movement for 30 seconds. Let's get started!

Heel Raises – Stand with your feet hip width apart, rise up onto the balls of your feet. Now, bring one heel down at a time (alternating). Lift the heel as high as possible while pressing down with the forefoot. Feel the body lift and lower, like riding a riding a bicycle in a standing position.

Toe Raise

s – Stand with your feet slight slightly apart and no wider than hips with knees relaxed. Alternately lift and lower the toes and arches of each foot, as if you were slapping the ground. The heels remain on the ground. Think toes high!

Rock Around the Foot – Stand with your feet slightly apart and no wider than hips with knees relaxed. Roll around the outside edges of your feet sensing the edges of the back, right, front, and left sides. Repeat in the other direction. The toes lift when rocking back. The heels lift when rocking front. The side edges lift when shifting weight to side. Go clockwise then reverse.

These exercises are excellent for seniors and anyone who wants healthy feet that feel good! (Based on the Nia Technique)


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